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Tips for Measure Appointment

Tips for the Measure Appointment

How to Prepare for the Measure Appointment

During the Templating Appointment, the affiliate will:

Measurements: Take exact measurements and create a field template of the countertop;

  • All items should be removed from the countertop surface prior to the appointment so that accurate measurements can be taken.

Cut Outs:
Determine the size and location of cut outs for sinks, faucets, cooktops and outlets; and

  • Any items that require a cut out must be available for the Measure Appointment so that the affiliate can determine the size of the cut out.

  • You or a decision maker (over18 years old) must be present to approve cut out locations.

Determine seam location, if applicable.

  • Seam location is dictated primarily by slab size, material yield, and layout, but the affiliate will also consider site conditions, cabinet structure and, if feasible, your preference.

  • Seams are always visible and, while relatively smooth, can still be felt with your fingers.

Confirm that the cabinets are plumb, level and square, permanently installed and structurally sound so that:

  • The countertop will lie flat within 1/8” to eliminate stress on corners, cut outs and seams; and

  • The cabinets will support the weight of the countertop.

If the affiliate determines that the cabinets are NOT plumb, level and square, permanently installed or structurally sound, you will be required to correct such circumstances prior to the installation of the new countertops.

If the countertop overhang will exceed 10”, brackets or corbels may be required, in which case there will be an additional charge.

Any cabinets that will sit on top of the countertop (such as for an Appliance Garage) must be installed AFTER the countertop installation.