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Tips for Measure Appointment


What to Expect

At the templating appointment, a countertop PRO will inspect the job site, take exact measurements and create a Change Order to your estimate reflecting the final quote.  The Change Order will highlight any changes in measurements, specifications and price from the original estimate.  

Once you approve the Change Order, it will take approximately seven (7) weeks to fabricate your countertop.  The countertop PRO will contact you to schedule the installation once fabrication is completed.

Countertop Materials

The color of the actual countertop may vary from the sample color.  If you want to confirm the color of the actual countertop, you should visit the fabricator’s local distribution center after the templating appointment.  A change in color could require an additional Change Order. You should speak with the countertop PRO to schedule a visit.

Seam Placement

Seam locations are determined by the countertop PRO and are placed in the most structurally sound locations to ensure that the installation is warranty compliant.


If you cancel the project AFTER the templating appointment but PRIOR to fabrication, any refund will be offset by a templating fee.

If you cancel the project AFTER fabrication, there is a restocking fee equal to 75% of the Project Cost. 

How to Prepare

To ensure that accurate measurements can be taken, make sure that all appliances are in place, all cabinets are permanently installed, including end panels, fillers and any other sections that will support the new countertop, and clear off the surface of the countertop.  If additional support is needed for the new countertop, it must be installed prior to the countertop installation.

If you are providing a farm/apron sink, it must be installed BEFORE the templating appointment, and it should be level and plumb

If you are getting a backsplash made from the same material as the countertop, confirm the height and location of any outlets with the countertop PRO. If you are using a different material for the backsplash (i.e. tile), identify the material being used.  You should plan to have the backsplash installation and any other wall preparations competed after the countertop installation.

All accessories that will be mounted in the countertop, including faucets, soap dispensers, cooktops and separately purchased sinks (e.g., not being purchased from Lowe’s with the countertop) must be on site the day of the templating appointment. 

If the site is not properly prepared for the templating appointment, a return trip may be required and a trip charge may be applied.



Darker colors require more maintenance and are not recommended for high traffic areas. In addition, under everyday use, darker colors will show dust, rubs, fingerprints, scratches, and watermarks more easily than lighter colors.


Quartz is made from the strongest mineral found on earth mixed with resin.  Variation in color, shade, pattern, and size are unique traits of quartz and should be expected.  Consequently, we recommend that you view the actual slab prior to fabrication, either in person or virtually.

Additionally, small blotches or random distribution of particulates and directional veining are an inherent part of the overall design and composition and are not considered defects. Quartz is not UV resistant and should not be used outdoors.


No two slabs of Granite are the same.  Granite countertops are made from quarried natural materials and are thus subject to variations in appearance, including color, pattern, shade, particle structure, surface irregularities, texture irregularities, fissures, pits or other variances that naturally occur in the stone. Consequently, we recommend that you view the actual slab prior to fabrication, either in person or virtually.

Some Granites have a resin that is not UV resistant and therefore should not be used outdoors. If you are purchasing a countertop for outdoors, please confirm with the fabricator that the product you selected can be used outdoors.

Solid Surface:

Solid Surface is an acrylic material installed with a Matte/Satin finish, which is recommended for ease of maintenance and virtually seamless appearance. Minor scratches are normal and can be repaired.  Prolonged or extreme heat, however, can cause discoloring. Heat damage can be prevented by using trivets or hot pads under hot objects and electronic cookware.  

Sintered Stone/Porcelain:

Sintered stone and porcelain countertops are made from natural minerals. As a result, variation in color and pattern are to be expected.  They are unique traits of a stone countertop. 

The veining in these products is only present on the top of the slab.  This means that the veining will not show through the whole slab and therefore will not be visible on the edges of the slab.

Recycled Glass:

Countertops made from recycled glass and seashells exhibit variations in color, glass particulate size, and concentration.  For example, the outer section of seashells may exhibit different colors as well as a slightly less glossy finish than the surrounding surface. In addition, seashells and glass particulates may have small pits, fissures, or inclusions, which represent a characteristic of the surface and are not considered to be defects.


Laminate is a manmade product consisting of layers of kraft paper with a protected, decorative layer that provides the color and design. If the layout requires seams, the flow of the color and design may not align. In addition, if seams are exposed to moisture, they may warp, which is not covered by warranty.


Wood countertops are hand crafted from naturally sourced wood with unique natural graining. The wood options are created from the respective species of wood used. The Traditions Wood countertops have a varnique finish which protects and seals the tops, creating a fine furniture look. Cutting directly onto these tops will damage the varnique finish and wood.